XS Power HF1215 Versatile Model with 3-staged Charging

XS Power HF1215

This 12 volt high frequency / 15 amp compact model can control the entire process and allow accurate charging without overcharging and battery failure. It is not only suitable for a glass mat battery, but also for maintenance-free 2 volt deep discharge batteries and gel cells.

One of the main functions is 3 charge levels. The first provides 80% of the power, allowing the voltage to float, but preserving the current setting. The second stage begins when the voltage has reached its correct level and the cells deliver 100% of the power. The last stage sets the number of amps and the voltage to increase the battery’s power.

The HF1215 has LED indicators to indicate on / off status and charge status. Despite the lack of display (some models in this price range have it), this model has the chance to become the best AGM battery charger due to the overload protection, to avoid an endless check of the charge states and a complete reversal.

It is not recommended to leave it connected to the battery without plugging it in to avoid draining the battery.

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  • It is easy to use – just plug in and switch on. No extra settings and monitoring are required.
  • It is available in 12, 14, and 16V versions.


  • The clamp sometimes falls off from the wire because of some vibrations.
  • Takes 2 hours to put on the first stage (it’s too long).

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