Schumacher SC1319 Fully automatic battery maintainer

Schumacher SC1319

The Schumacher company sells many different models of 1.5A chargers, all of which are essentially the same. There are no buttons or switches, just connect and connect the battery. The security feature is that the charger automatically turns off as soon as the charger shows 100% of the battery level. They have versatile options for fast connections and the cables are quite long and they also sell an even longer extension for the power connection when you need them. The small and lightweight charger is ideal for wall mounting and fast connection to a battery. This works very well for any battery that is not used daily. You can stay connected all the time without the risk of overcharging. This is a very cost-effective option to keep the battery charged and ready for use.

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  • This charger is DOE compliant and comes together with the standard battery clamp and ring connector.
  • It features a microprocessor control which automatically switches to float mode.
  • The battery doesn’t indicate the green light when it fully charged.
  • It will not let you charge at 30 amps when the battery gets ½ charged.

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