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The POTEK Jump Starter is more than just an emergency device for motorists. It’s a great camping accessory!

The air compressor has several nozzle connections, so that more than just tires can be inflated.

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  • 1,000 peak amplifiers
  • 150 PSI air compressor
  • USB port for charging devices

This makes it ideal for inflating air mattresses and sporting goods when camping. It is compatible with many watercraft. Therefore, camping on the lake is not a problem with boats that have been inactive for some time and require a jumpload.

This starter has the size and shape of a conventional battery booster pack and features two rugged cables attached to an aggressive set of alligator clamps. No fiddly little connectors here; Teeth on the positive and negative clamps resemble an angry saber tooth tiger. A dedicated on / off switch assures users that the juice flows from the booster to the dead battery, unlike some other devices that require a charging shadow in the boost device to turn on.

This jumper can be charged either via the 12V supply of a car or via a household connection. It can ignite engines from the small quad to the V8 with large displacement. Ask me, how do I know. The built-in tire inflator helps users overcome a different kind of traffic jam, while the myriad of power outlets and USB ports can provide power when you camp or pitch up on the trailhead, for example. After all, the LED work light is something that you believe you will not use until you do it. Then it becomes indispensable.

Advantages: Main switch on / off, sufficient power supply, built-in air compressor, additional outlets

Cons: Large size takes up space, relatively heavy compared to portable devices


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