Intelligent Clamping System Beatit BT-D11

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The terminals of the BT-D11 offer countless safety features. These are equipped with short circuit protection, overcharge protection, reverse polarity protection, over temperature protection and output protection, making this model extremely safe and user friendly. It can start a single vehicle with a single charge up to 30 times.

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  • 800 peak amplifiers
  • Double USB fast charge

LED flashlight with flashlight and SOS beacons
This company also has excellent customer service. They are readily available and always ready to answer questions about the product. They also offer a two-year warranty on the product with a lifetime of customer service.

Disadvantages of the Beatit 800A:

There is feedback on the network that some purchased devices are not working. This caused particular stress in critical situations. We recommend that you discharge the car battery and perform a test under normal conditions. So you can be sure that you have not bought a fake.
There are also reports that the starter has no effect on a fully discharged battery.
Sometimes the buttons are out of order. Use it with care and do not push harder than necessary.


It would be reckless to call this starter the best on the market or, on the contrary, a completely negative rating. Like any device, it has advantages and disadvantages. It is important that the price quoted by the sellers (approximately $ 69.99) is fully justified. Most errors can occur due to improper use. We therefore recommend that you read the instructions carefully before inserting the battery. Then enjoy total comfort and safety, recharge the car accumulator and gadgets wherever you are.


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