DieHard 71326 Gold Shelf Smart Battery Charger and Engine Starter

diehard gold shelf smart battery charger

While it’s true that Sears took the road from Studebaker and Enron, some of their house brands were placed internally with renowned manufacturers to capitalize on their name strength. This is what happened to Craftsman and, as we see here, DieHard.

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Use this device to charge or recharge your vehicle’s battery. The intelligent charging technology sounds like a legal process, but uses a microprocessor to avoid overcharging the empty battery. In maintenance mode, the DieHard can also function as a battery guard. This is useful when stowing a sports car for the winter months. LED indicators and a few non-writable buttons allow the user to choose between charging, boosting and starting the engine – although the difference between the latter two is not clear. It is also able to test the generator tester of a car when you are dealing with this kind of stuff

Advantages: Double as a battery maintenance tool, allows the testing of generators

Disadvantages: No additional power connections, the brand is weaker than the battery you want to charge


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