CTEK (56-864) MUS4.3 give new life to your engine battery

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CTEK has produced the best fully automatic chargers for automotive starter batteries or small engines on the market. They are completely silent, unlike old-fashioned chargers that have a big fan. The chargers are supplied with a terminal for a ring clamp and a crocodile for the alligator clip. You can leave a battery permanently charged to charge the battery and use the alligator clip to charge another device. This charger will not work if the battery is less than 2 volts DC.

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  • Works excellent on BMW’s and Chevy’s.
  • Very reliable (even though power cuts, picks up from where it left off once the power returns).
  • Supports AGM batteries and regular batteries.
  • No venting or fan to help with the heat.
  • Could have a longer clamp wire.
  • A little slow.

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