Clore Automotive Jump n Carry JNC 300XL

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This model is a nice balance of functions to be evaluated. It carries a top amplifier that sits in the middle of the available AMP range. The weight is also in the middle – not as light and compact as some, but not a heavy model.

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  • 900 amps
  • DC power outlet for 12 volt accessories
  • LED Flashlight

It has many basic features like an LED flashlight and a DC power outlet, but does not have advanced options like SOS flash and laptop charging. The extra long cables make the use very comfortable, but the wider clamps compensate for the cable length, as they are more difficult to maneuver in smaller spaces.

This incredibly light jump starter weighs only 9 pounds and can be taken anywhere by anyone. Weight is not the only benefit of this product. Although small, this jump starter has over 900 power amps ready to start a vehicle.

Thanks to the Clore Proformer battery technology, this early starter is one of the best when it comes to starting your vehicle. The Clore Proformer batteries are designed for a long life to provide exceptional cranking performance and long-lasting cranking. In other words, this jump starter is able to provide the power required to start a disabled vehicle.

In addition to the Clore Proformer battery technology, this jump starter also has high quality parts designed to maintain the performance of this device. These include a cable for heavy cables connected to the output of the battery, as well as full-size brackets that can penetrate the vehicle’s battery. So you can be sure that there is a good electrical connection between the third-party starter and the battery of the vehicle.

The Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL ships with a Repair Service coupon that grants you a one-time, one-time warranty after the one-year limited warranty has expired.


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