Britech Scorpion Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

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This is a great option for those who own smaller cars. It is one of the lightest models on the market, weighs less than 1 pound and fits easily in your palm.

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  • 400 amps
  • Flashlight with SOS signal

This means that it does not need enough energy to launch larger vehicles, but it’s great for smaller cars. This model has the most common amenities, such as charging devices and a flashlight with SOS beacon.

The best thing about this company is that Britech offers 100% satisfaction guarantee for its products.

This means that your device is covered by a full 3-year limited warranty. Your warranty is not limited and there are no conditions. You do not have to worry about redeeming the warranty, because Britech is one of the industry leaders in innovation and customer service, making warranty claims child’s play.


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