Battery Tender 021-0123 Keeps Batteries in Best Shape

Battery Tender 021-0123

The 12V / 0.75A charger is compact and light enough to save space in the car or garage. It is compatible with various vehicles including airplanes, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, watercraft and lawnmowers. Ring clamps and crocodile clip enable easy connection. Its spark-proof protection protects against power surges.

It comes with a 4-step program for charging AGM batteries and helps to optimize battery performance. This model is ideal for flooded, wet cell, lead-acid batteries and AGM batteries, but not for gel cell batteries.

Battery Tender automatically starts floating voltage with its adaptive ISM charging technology when the energy is full. Burning or overcharging the battery is impossible. The device is equipped with reverse polarity protection to prevent damage if the battery is inserted incorrectly.

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  • A weatherproof connector on wires to use the charger for water vehicles.
  • The charger can be stored and use in the unheated garage.
  • Maintains fully charged batteries.


  • Produces noise while operation.
  • Its cord isn’t water resistant that requires to be cautious when charging watercraft.
  • Hard to understand the indicators lights – green and red colors have several statuses.

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